In the search to find Mera, Neri's younger sister, an old newpaper article mentioning her being found was uncovered. The article was printed in the Opal Beach News and was titled "Baby found at sea" and was written by M. Joshua, Cape Tribulation. The following is a transcript of the article.

'A baby girl was found under strange circumstances at Cape Tribulation yesterday. Local fisherman Johnny Mack says that he found the baby in an unusual raft floating about six hundred metres off shore. Police have yet to confirm his claim, but spokesperson Tara Trotter said they were 'mystified' as to how the baby came to be there. She said that there had been no reports of kidnaps recently, and can only assume that the baby was abandoned at sea.

The girl is said to be about five months old, and according to Ms. Trotter, "hasn't cried once." '