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David Hoflin

David Hoflin was born on the 25th of November 1979 in Stockholm, Sweden. He played the role of Jason Bates on Ocean Girl for the entire run of the series from 1994 to 1998.

Early Life and Career[]

David (pronounced Daar-vid) moved to Australia with his parents when he was very young. He got into acting early and in 1988 his first role had him working alongside Meryl Streep and Sam Neill in A Cry in the Dark. He continued to act in small parts in movies and on television until landing the role of Jason Bates on Ocean Girl.

Life After Ocean Girl[]

David decided to keep going with his acting career after Ocean Girl ended and can be seen in several different roles, most notably as Oliver Barnes on the series Neighbours and most recently as Tommy Madsen on the short-lived show Alcatraz and as Randall J. Kersey in a two-part story arc in NCIS, episodes Shell Shock parts I and II.

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