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Day Pass
Season 01, Episode 08
Air Date October 17, 1994
Previous Toxic Waste
Next Romance

Day Pass is the eighth episode of the shows first season.


Jason agrees to show Neri his and Brett's home on ORCA. After stealing one of Vanessa's uniforms and obtaining a fake ID from Froggy, Brett begins a long-winded tour of ORCA that he hopes will bore Neri into making her visit a short one.

Neri, however, is quickly captivated by ORCA. Getting separated from Jason and Brett, Neri wanders into Dianne's lab where she encounters both Dianne and Commander Lucas. Meanwhile, Vanessa discovers that one of her uniforms is missing and has an idea of just who is wearing it. Fortunately, Jason and Brett are able to get Neri away from an insistent Vanessa and away from ORCA before any more trouble arises.