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Dianne Bates2

Dianne Bates (Kerry Armstrong / Liz Burch) is a noted marine biologist whose speciality — and passion — is animal communication, specifically those of whales and dolphins. Her profession leads her to be posted aboard ORCA.

Character Overview[]

Discovery of Neri[]

Divorced. Sees this new opportunity as being a tremendous leap forward. At her job, she is cool and unemotional, but her fiery temper at times gets the better of her and she will often cross swords with the Commander, Jack Lucas. At home, she is warm and full of rough-house affection for her larrikin sons,Jason and Brett.

She suffers occasional angst about not spending enough time with the boys, but will more often than not find them far too absorbed in their escapades to notice her absence. The arrival of Neri will herald challenges to both sides of her character. As the series progresses, she will have to weight her research and Neris sensibilities and right to make her own decisions. In the end, Dianne will form as strong a bond with Neri as that enjoyed by her sons.

Finding Mera[]

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ORCA City[]

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The Pyramids[]

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Key Points[]

Character Traits[]

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Defining Moments[]

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