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Dr. Hellegren (Nicholas Bell) is a scientist that works for UBRI . It is his work for UBRI that brings him constantly at odds with the group from ORCA. He is highly intelligent and driven and extremely determined to learn everything he can about Neri.

Character Overview[]

Discovery of Neri[]

(Describe Hellegren's interactions and incidents in season one)

Finding Jane Seaforth[]

(Describe Hellegren's dogged determination to capture the Ocean Girls after finding Mera aka Jane Seaforth)

Race for the Synchronium[]

(Describe Hellegren's role in UBRI's race against the ORCA group in the search for and the use of the Synchronium Device. Also his character's development in regards to his relationship with his daughter)

Key Points[]

Character Traits[]

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Defining Moments[]

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