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Human Tears
Season 01, Episode 05
Air Date September 26, 1994
Previous The Earthquake
Next Property Developers!

Human Tears is the fifth episode of the shows first season.


Brett's birthday party proves to be a big hit with his friends, but Brett is disappointed when he doesn't receive a gift from his father. Following a heated argument between Dianne and Commander Lucas over the acquisition of new equipment for Dianne's research, Winston suggests that they should make an effort to be nicer to one another.

Talking with Froggy and Zoe about divorce and stepparents, Brett gets the idea that there may be a relationship at work between his mother and Commander Lucas, especially when he sees how nice they are being to each other of late. Brett's belief seems to be validated when he finds himself being given a private tour of the bridge by Commander Lucas, during which he decides to casually mentions some unsettling details about his mother hoping to disinterest the Commander.