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Jason Bates

Jason Bates (David Hoflin) is one of the main characters of Ocean Girl who appears in every series. He and his brother, Brett befriend Neri.

Character Overview[]

Discovery of Neri[]

In the start of the series Jason is very intent on keeping up his macho 'Joe Cool' image, like most boys his age. When the mask occasionally slips, there are glimpses of thoughtful sensitivity — but he is quick to try to cover them up again. Jason has the ability to swim and dive well and has taken to train in different skills, such as shooting a specialized crossbow, that allow him to help his mother in her work. He has an adventurous nature and shares a competitive spirit with his younger brother Brett. At times Jason he can be cocky and mouthy and also sarcastic. Jason also tends to have a slightly cynical view about the world in general. His parents' marriage started to dissolve a few years prior to his mother taking the post on ORCA and while the divorce was not acrimonious, Jason was old enough to have been marginally affected by it, having discovered for himself the cause. When mention of his father does occasionally crop up it is a sore point for him, due to Jason knowing his father cheated on his mother with a woman from Paul's work. Although Paul Bates takes an interest in Jason, it doesn't make up for the fact that he's not there with the family and Jason naturally feels his absence. As a result of the separation Jason is prone to acting older than his 14 years, especially with his mother who is quick to remind him, and herself, that he is only 14 and perhaps doesn't know quite as much as he thinks he does. Nevertheless, there is a strong bond between mother and son. Brett also occasionally bears the brunt of Jason's parent-like behaviour and he is quick to bring Jason back down to earth, reminding Jason that he is his brother, not his father.

At first Jason sees his sojourn at the Ocean Research Centre Association (ORCA) as social death. He was not happy about leaving his school, friends and most of his material possessions back on the mainland. Jason hated the idea of wearing the ORCA uniforms. Jason made friends with a boy his age named Damien, nicknamed Daggy. Jason's plan was to help his mother tag a whale and then leave ORCA. When the time came for Jason to shoot the whale tag from the crossbow a girl arose from the ocean blocking his shot. His mother tagged to whale and no one believed Jason that there really was a girl. When Brett is found after being lost at sea during a storm he tells Jason he saw her too, that her name is Neri and that she lives alone on an island. Jason trains to get and receive a boating liscense and with it comes responsibilties. His first task is to mark a net that someone put out and is trapping sea-life in. While there Brett urges Jason the investigate the source of air bubbles that rose from below. Jason sees Neri trapped in the net and frees her. He coaxes her to let him and Brett see her island and the next day, after conferring with a friend, she agrees.

Getting to know Neri it is easy for Jason to see that she is not normal. He learns she lives on her island alone after her father passed, that she can swim faster and deeper than anyone, that she is stronger than normal and that she can talk to a whale named Charley. Jason opens up to Neri about things he doesn't talk to anyone else about, like his parent's breakup, the arguments his parents had and his mother crying when she told him about the divorce and how he found out for himself that his father had a girlfriend from his work. Neri tells him all she can remember about her past. Jason helps keep Neri a secret for as long as he can and is unable to resist her attempts at finding out about his world by coming to ORCA. He protects Neri from his mother's obsessions in work when she discovers Neri and reminds his mother that Neri is a person not just a specimen, bring the two females closer, like family. When Charley is captured by a company called UBRI Jason forms a plan to help free him and organizes the kids on ORCA into a gang to help Neri. When Charley is free Neri chooses to go on migration with the whale and she says goodbye to Jason before she leaves by kissing him.

Finding Mera[]

With Neri's return Jason, Brett and friends: Vanessa, Froggy and Zoe help her to discover her origins by scouring the island for clues. The first clue was found by Brett while the brothers cleaned up before Neri arrived. It was a necklace that Jason recognizes as a bird's-eye-view of the island. The necklace makes Jason begin to think that Neri's people didn't crash to the island in a boat and with strange writing on a rock wall he theorizes that maybe they didn't even come from Earth. His theory is proven true when they follow the clues to find the buried spacecraft Neri, her father and others arrived in.

Jason goes with Neri to explore the ship and she starts to remember things from her past. He urges her to retreat to safety when the ship shakes and gives the impression of instability. They return later with a repaired hexagonal rod that Neri plugs in and she inadvertently activates a homing beacon before it becomes unsafe to remain in the ship. An orb that they recovered from the ship tells the Bates and Neri that she had a sister named Mera and that she was deployed in a escape pod when the ship was going down and that Mera was just a baby when it happened. Jason promises Neri he'll help to find Mera and he pushes the others to help as well.

A newspaper article leads the group to find where Mera's pod went down and who found it, from there they learn she was taken into child services and grew up in foster homes and was most recently placed in a special school called the Institute of the Advancement of Human Ability. Jason plans a rescue effort to the school with the other kids, helping Mera escape from the school just before UBRI and Dr. Hellegren got their hands on her.

Jason takes on more duty assignments helping his mother and Dr. Seth with the topographical scans of the ocean floor. While aboard the ship Jason has continual problems getting along with Captain Sam Phillips and with Mick Byrne, the new Commander's son. Mick is a bully that Jason isn't afraid to stand up to. With Sam and Jason at first they merely grated on each other's nerves, with Captain Phillips treating Jason like a child and Jason not giving Captain Phillips respect, the attitudes got worse when Sam grew fond of and started to pursue Dianne romantically. Jason was not handling his mom's dating a different man well. The fact that Jason doesn't trust Sam doesn't help and when it is discovered Sam used the scans to find a deposit of titanium to make a profit it seems Jason's mistrust is justified.

UBRI's constant pursuit of the girls causes the girl's to be discovered by the other kids and Sam. The Bates hide the girls on ORCA and eventually Sam proves he is worth trusting when he lets Jason destroy the last evidence of the titanium deposits. When Winston arrives on board ORCA with two people from Neri's planet and they tell Neri and Mera that they are there to take them home Jason does not want Neri to go. When Neri decides she will go Jason puts on a brave face and devises a plan to get the girls off of ORCA and back to the island to the waiting spaceship safely. When saying goodbye to Neri Jason almost admits what he feels for Neri but she quiets him with a finger and kisses him and he begs her to stay. At the last moment Neri changed her mind and stayed on Earth.

Synchronium Mission[]

When the Bates return from their holidays early Jason is dismayed to find that the ORCA City building contract was won by UBRI. With Dianne taking on the new task of being environmental officer Jason helps her to make sure UBRI do not destroy or cause harm to the local sea-life. UBRI being what they are it is not an easy task to do and at the same time make sure that Hellegren does not learn that Neri is still on Earth. There are also a lot of new kids on board that they have to keep Neri from. Jason also takes up cadet training classes so he can become an ORCA officer.

Jason along with Brett help Neri to explore the spaceship more and discover another person held in stasis there, Kal. Jason and Kal don't always get along, an underlying jealousy present almost from day one, and Kal's inability to listen, and learn basic things like danger, anger Jason. On the ship they also discover a message left behind telling them of a mission intended for Neri's father. It is a mission to find nine pieces of a device called Synchronium and to use it to heal the oceans of earth and to keep the device from falling into the wrong hands. Jason, along with Brett agree to help Neri with finding the Synchronium. Eventually Benny, Cassandra and Lena learn about Neri and help too.

As the search for the Synchronium continues so does UBRI's explosives undersea which lead to a fault-line to open and earthquakes to occur in growing intensity making the mission even more vital. UBRI also somehow get onto finding the device as well. After Neri falls ill after traveling too long on the mainland in the desert to retrieve a piece of Synchronium Jason takes charge to get her taken care of. Mera arrives overnight to join the mission. UBRI, exploiting a rift caused by Kal's jealousy of Jason, kidnap Kal. Later Kal is 'recovered' from UBRI but remains distant from Jason.

The condition of the fault-line is at its worst, causing mandatory evacuations of ORCA, when it is learned that Kal has betrayed everyone by handing over the Synchronium to Hellegren and UBRI. The situation causes Neri to be less than careful about hiding herself and she reveals herself to Sallyanne, a girl who has a crush on Jason and believes he made the whole story of Neri and Charley up because he didn't want to tell her the truth about his real girlfriend. Once Sallyanne knows Jason was telling the truth she is kinder to him again and joins up to help. A plan to steal the device back while still on dry land goes sour landing Jason and the other kids on the dock tied up to be rescued by Kal who Jason confronts and causes him to feel shame for what he had done. On Neri's island Neri and Mera return with an injured Kal and the Synchronium. The girls use the Synchronium to stop and reverse the damage caused by UBRI. Jason gives Kal credit in helping to save Earth just before Kal and Mera depart for Ocean Planet.

The Pyramids[]

While using a new helmet to deep-sea dive Jason encounters a bright light that spooks him. When meeting with Neri on her island to take shelter from a storm in the hut he built for her Jason tells her of the light. Neri admits she's felt strange in the area he saw the light. Winston and Cass find an anomaly in the mako abyss right where Jason saw the light. In an effort to investigate Jason and Winston send down sonar equipment and Neri encounters the light from below as it attacks the electrical equipment. Curious to learn more Jason and Winston go out in the new mini-fin sub, a craft that Jason had recently acquired a license for. They encounter the light again but it is kept at bay by Neri's presence and they discover a great underwater pyramid. The only thing that saves the pyramid and Neri being discovered by First Officer Danton and his nosy son Louis is the pyramid's wiping of the mini-fin's record disc. Jason helps Neri learn more about pyramids and while doing so she tells him she recognizes the statue of a woman, that she sees her in her dreams. Jason and Brett take the mini-fin back out to the pyramid with Neri leading the way. They go inside and find it is somehow not full of water and explore it with Neri. Neri touches an ankh on a statue of the woman she saw before and it activates a hologram that offers a quest that Neri accepts. Neri touches a symbol on the wall and Jason and Brett are sucked into a watergate portal along with Neri and end up in a different pyramid in Egypt, the Pyramid of Mystery.

In Egypt Jason, Neri and Brett meet Malakat and Shersheba at an archaeological dig. Shersheba takes to Jason immediately. Jason doesn't trust Malakat and niether does Brett and Neri does not trust Shersheba. They make a getaway just as two agents from PRAXIS, Jake Shelby and Elly Hauser threaten to take Neri into custody. The encounter with PRAXIS forces Dianne, newly appointed to the rank of ORCA Commander, to tell the boys' father Paul Bates, ORCA Commander and Chief of the area, all about Neri. After being helped by a group of bedouins they make their way back inside the Pyramid of Mystery where Neri discovers a Golden Ankh. Malakat tries to stop them from leaving with it but Neri activates the watergate portal and they escape. This time the portal brings them to a crystal cavern in the middle of the Australian outback. Knowing that they will need food and fresh water soon Jason goes out in search of help. He is found by Jakamarra who helps them escape from PRAXIS by leading the agents astray buying the trio time to board Paul Bates' helicopter after Neri entrusts Jakamarra with protecting the ankh.

Jason and his father continue to argue about nearly everything, mostly due to Jason anger at his father about the past turning everything his father does into an affront and Paul's inability to recognize the fact that Jason is not the irresponsible little boy he once was when he left. Jason and Brett face a lie detector test at the hands of PRAXIS which they manage to dodge the first few questions on but are saved by Winston's computer skills when things reach a boiling point. Paul Bates offers for the boys and Neri to hide out on his farm. Jason continues to pick fights with his father. Jason knows it upsets Neri, she tells him that she went back to the pyramid and discovered that the woman in the hologram was her mother. PRAXIS surround the farm and manage to get Neri. They hear over a communication that Charley helped Neri escape. Jason and the others learn that they were bugged by PRAXIS from something Louis said and Cass finds the bug in Jason's watch, planted during the lie detector test. They use the bug as a decoy by placing it on Charley so they can get back inside of the pyramid without PRAXIS seeing them. They learn from the hologram of Shalamorn that the people of the Ocean Planet had planned a peaceful migration to Earth and that was the purpose of the pyramids being built, to prepare the way Neri's father was sent on the Synchronium mission along with Neri, "the chosen one." They also learn that Neri is a princess.

Shersheba arrives on ORCA and Jason is assigned the task of showing her around. While diving with Jason near the reef Shersheba fakes having pain and makes Jason believe that she has drowned. Neri arrives and brings a prone Shersheba out of the water, Malakat boards the boat and Shersheba moves to capture Neri. Jason hits the throttle on the boat to knock off Malakat and Shersheba and he and Neri quickly deduce that the two are from Neri's planet. Afraid to leave Neri alone after the incident with Malakat and Shersheba Jason is relieved when she agrees to come with him to his father's farm. After the farm Jason and Neri go back to the pyramid and learn that there was a rebel faction on Ocean Planet that believed they should weaken the humans before the migration. Malakat and Shersheba arrive in the pyramid and tell them their plan is to melt the polar ice-caps. Malakat admits to causing the crash of the ship that brought Neri and her father to Earth. Jason uses his body as a shield when Shersheba uses her wrist blaster against Neri in an effort to obtain the Golden Ankh. Neri feigns cooperation but activates the watergate instead and she and Jason escape to the crystal cavern again.

Jason and Neri go with Jakamarra to retrieve the ankh from the place he hid it. Along the way he tells them the story of the whale woman to explain his trust in them. Jakamarra helps Jason and Neri run from PRAXIS, Malakat and Shersheba. In a foot chase Agent Hauser slips on the cliff the group had just climbed and Neri helps her. Agent Shelby exploits the moment to capture Neri. Shersheba grabs the ankh, Paul arrives in the helicopter, and when Jason accuses PRAXIS of only concentrating on Neri and questions why they do not also go after Shersheba and Malakat Jakamarra uses the moment of distraction to get the ankh from Shersheba. Jakamarra tosses the Golden Ankh to Jason who deftly catches it. Neri begs Jason to escape with Paul to protect the ankh and keep it from Malakat and Shersheba. Not wanting to leave her behind Jason still obeys Neri's plea leaving her in the hands of PRAXIS.

PRAXIS deny even knowing of Neri when Paul tries to demand her release. Jason hides the ankh. Shersheba tries to fool Jason into thinking that she and Malakat have Neri and will exchange her for the ankh but everyone knows it has to be a trick. They make a fake ankh and are proven correct when they find Shersheba dressed like Neri. Unfortunately they learn that Shersheba and Malakat have the real ankh when the tracking device Jason put on it shows it moving. Jason and Brett travel to the pyramid to find Malakat and Shersheba inside with the ankh. They try using the ankh but the hologram tells them that the ankh has not been properly prepared and ignoring the warning Shersheba tries to use it anyway causing the pyramid to set up defenses forces all four of them to retreat.

Paul does manage to find where Neri is being kept and the group devise a plan to rescue Neri by flooding the PRAXIS building. Jason's father realizes that Jason cares especially for Neri. The rescue mission is a success but Neri is very weak and ill from her imprisonment. Jason begs her to hold on. Back on ORCA Jason holds Neri's hand as she lies in bed unconscious and he realizes that she had passed. Jason stays with her alone for a long while. When Dianne and Winston leave it to Jason and Brett to decide what to do with Neri's body Jason decides to bring her back to the pyramid, to Shalamorn. When saying their goodbyes to Neri Jason tells her "I love you, Neri. Always." Malakat and Shersheba enter and plug in the prepared ankh activating the pyramid. When a 'sacred stone' rises to take the hand of the one choosing to control the pyramid Jason quickly places Neri's hand on it before Shersheba can get there. The pyramid brings Neri back to life and Shersheba in her anger destroys the ankh causing the pyramid to sink. Jason, Brett and Neri make their escape. Jason is so in awe and overjoyed of Neri being alive that Brett has to nudge him to get a move-on.

For Jason's birthday Jason, Brett and Neri go to the farm. Jason is more cordial with his father even when work issues come up.

Jason meets Neri at her island and she tells him she feels things are not well with Mera and that something is wrong on the Ocean Planet. He tries to take her mind off things by going swimming with her on the way to ORCA. Jason and Brett save Neri from Garron and Malakat's commando's when she is surrounded on her way back to the island. Neri tells Jason she can feel the pyramid return. Jason, Neri and Brett save Mera and the new ankh she brought with her from Malakat's people when she lands on Earth in the ocean. Mera tells them about the Red Virus and Malakat's plans to melt the Earth's polar ice-caps and enslave the human race. Malakat Shersheba and PRAXIS all return for different reasons; Malakat and Shersheba want the new ankh, Shelby and Hauser are on orders to reopen project Sphinx and investigate the slew of recent UFOs in the area of ORCA.

Louis' snooping for PRAXIS puts them on the trail to discovering the underwater pyramid. Jake Shelby insists Jason take him down to see it in the mini-fin. Jason and Shelby are attacked by commandos while in the mini-fin, it is Jason's quick thinking that saves their lives. The encounter confirms to PRAXIS that there is a large alien presence on Earth and Shelby and Richter believe all of them are hostile. Jason tries to buy time by appealing to Hauser to stall PRAXIS' plan to open fire. Jason goes with Neri to meet with Malakat in an attempt to negotiate. Malakat tells them that he caused Queen Shalamorn's ship to explode. While they meet Shersheba takes Mera prisoner.

Jason has to stop Neri from becoming infected with the Red Virus when she feels Charley's pain after Shersheba released the virus right near the whale. Believing that the pyramid is the only thing able to stop the virus Neri chooses to use the ankh, Jason negotiates with Malakat and Shersheba for them to depart the pyramid. They predictably double cross them and take control of the pyramid. Charley returns healthy again but Malakat starts to melt the polar ice-caps with the pyramid.

Jason stays the night on the island and Mera calls Jason out on how he always agrees with Neri. Mera is keen to tease Jason and Neri about how close the two of them are.

The virus spreads even more then before and Neri and Jason have a plan to find a cure using Charley's blood. Jason returns to ORCA to find Shesheba has taken control of the station with her commandos. Cass and Brett help make the anti-virus that Shersheba steals.

Neri decides that the only way to stop Malakat from continuing to use the pyramid for bad is to use the pyramid's self destruct mechanism. Jason refuses to let her go alone. Together they begin the process but Shalamorn arrives with Mera, Shersheba and Ilona just in time. Jason stands as a witness to Neri's coronation. When Shalamorn decides that Neri should remain on Earth to help bring the two worlds together no one is as happy as Jason. He shows Neri just how happy he is that she is staying by giving her a heartfelt kiss.

Key Points[]

Character Traits[]

  1. Great sense of responsibility.
  2. Smart.
  3. Tends to be cynical due to past situations.
  4. Great problem solver.
  5. Can be very charming when he wants to be.
  6. Very protective of his mother.
  7. Is the oldest of two brothers.
  8. Has a hard time getting along with his father.
  9. Picks up different skills very easily.

Defining Moments[]

  1. Was very close with his dad growing up. His parents started getting into arguments and Jason came home to find his mother crying and she told him they were getting a divorce. Jason found out for himself that his father had a girlfriend he met at his work.
  2. Jason reluctantly moves with his mother and younger brother to ORCA. Jason sees a girl in the water when he was about to tag a whale. No one believes him. (1x01)
  3. After Jason's brother Brett is rescued from being lost at sea during a storm he tells Jason he saw the girl on an island and that she saved him. Brett tells him her name is Neri. (1x02)
  4. Jason gets his boating license. Jason saves Neri from an illegal fishing net. He asks if he and Brett can see her island. Neri shows them her island. Jason notices Neri can stay under water for a very long time and that her friend Charley is a humpback whale, the same one his mother is studying. Jason and Brett promise to keep Neri a secret. (1x03)
  5. Neri warns Jason of an impending earthquake. Jason tries to warn Commander Lucas but he doesn't listen. Jason gets Lucas to allow Froggy to help save Daggy and Lee by getting into HELEN. Jason learns that Neri was warned by Charley about the earthquake, that they actually 'talk' to each other. (1x04)
  6. Jason tries to make sure Brett's birthday is enjoyable, a task made harder when their father forgets to send a gift. Jason opens up to Neri about his dad and she sees him cry. Neri tells Jason what she can remember of her past. Jason learns that Neri and Charley can talk to each other, hear each other's thoughts, even when miles away. (1x05)
  7. Jason escorts developers who have their eyes set on Neri's island and help her spook them off of it. Jason learns Neri can see better than most in the dark. (1x06)
  8. Jason gets in hot water when he leaves highly fragile core samples unattended that get ruined while he goes to help Neri find out why Charley is sick. He sneaks out to her island with a cure for toxins she swam through and learns she heals faster than most people. (1x07)
  9. Neri comes aboard ORCA at her insistence and she sees where Jason and Brett live. (1x08)
  10. Neri tags along with Jason and Brett and the other kids on a shore-leave trip. Upon return to ORCA Jason and Lee nearly kiss but they were interrupted by Lee's dad, Commander Lucas. (1x09)
  11. Jason and Brett worry that the new equipment Dianne and Winston are using will lead them to Neri. When the whale tag stops working Jason is willing to leave ORCA and Neri rather than have her be found out. Neri saves Dianne allowing Winston and Dianne to know about her in the process and she fixes the whale tag. (1x10)
  12. Neri comes to ORCA and Jason is concerned that his mother is 'monstering' her with all the tests she runs on Neri. Neri stays on ORCA overnight with the Bates. (1x11)
  13. Jason teaches Neri what dancing is. Jason and Brett go to the island without Neri when she opts to stay and do more tests with Dianne but the boys notice the magic of the island is gone without Neri. Jason dances with Lee at the dance but then dances with Neri when she enters the room looking like 'a real girl'. While they dance Charley calls out to Neri that he is in trouble. Neri takes off and Jason takes his anger over the situation out on his mother. (1x12)
  14. Jason formulates a plan to free Charley from UBRI with the help of the other ORCA kids. The plan is a success. Neri decides to go on migration with Charley and she kisses Jason as a way of saying goodbye before taking to the sea. (1x13)
  15. Jason and Brett prepare Neri's nest for her return and find a necklace in a 'never-bloom' plant. Jason and family meet the new Commander and her son Mick Byrne, a young man with a penchant for bullying. Neri returns and Jason promises to help her find out who she is and where she came from. (2x01)
  16. Jason recognizes the shape of the necklace they found resembles Neri's island and he realizes it is the first clue of several left for Neri by her father. Jason forms a theory that Neri's people did not come from Earth, a theory proved true when the clues lead to a spaceship. (2x02)
  17. Jason accompanies Neri to explore the ship. They retrieve two artifacts but are forced to retreat when the ship shakes violently. After Froggy repairs the hexagonal rod Jason and Neri return to the ship and plug it in and inadvertently activate a homing beacon. Neri activates the other artifact, an orb that projects a hologram of her father and they learn that Neri has a sister, Mera, sent out in a pod before the ship crashed. (2x03)
  18. Rocky fixes up an old zodiac raft solving Jason's problem of not being able to get off ORCA due to Commander Byrne's restriction on boats. Jason and the others begin the search for Mera; they find an old newspaper article about a baby found at sea which leads them to a fisherman who tells them she was taken by the authorities to be raised in the system. (2x04)
  19. Jason tries to keep Neri safe from her own zeal to find Mera that would put herself in danger. Dianne and Winston's discovery that Neri's presence improves their scanning equipment serves as a way to keep her occupied while he and the others go to the mainland to find Mera who had been named 'Jane Seaforth' and is being held at a special school. Jason sees a necklace just like Neri's around 'Jane's neck and knows it is Mera. He tries to earn her trust. (2x05)
  20. Jason and the others return to retreive Mera. They run into problems with UBRI who are trying to get Mera for their own reasons. Jason learns that Brett is no longer a little boy and that he can be quite resourceful. They bring Mera back to ORCA to meet her sister. (2x06)
  21. Dianne requests that Jason help him and Winston with their project which entails Jason going out to sea with them on Captain Sam Phillips boat, a man Jason does not get along with. Jason and Brett save the other kids, with the help of Sam, when they get trapped in a supply room with a toxic leak. They learn that Mick cannot read and as punishment for a cruel joke Mick is assigned to help aboard the survey boat. Jason is upgraded to crew status along with Brett and Vanessa. Dianne has a date with Sam and Jason is not happy about it. (2x07)
  22. Jason continues to not get along with Sam or Mick, the former for getting closer to Dianne, the latter for becoming more nosy about what the Bates are hiding and for being a jerk. (2x08)
  23. Mick sees Neri and Mera on the U-cam that Jason and the others try to cover up. Sam corners Jason for a talk about Dianne that does not go well. Froggy fills the group in on Sam's discovery of titanium under the reef that he found using Dianne and Winston's scans, Jason is part of the group trying to persuade him not to tell. (2x09)
  24. Commander Byrne assigns more of the kids from ORCA to help out on Sam's boat during the topographical scans. UBRI divers attack Neri and Mera during the scans forcing the girls to surface and board Sam's boat. Jason explains to the others about the girls and everyone agrees to keep silent about them except Mick who still hasn't decided. Neri and Mera are forced to live with the Bates on ORCA. (2x10)
  25. Jason gives in to Neri's pleading to let them swim in the water around the pontoon. Mick pulls a stunt with a wave-runner which causes him to need to be saved by the girls. Vanessa tells Jason that Forsyth and Liselle are UBRI spies hoping to get Mick to tell them information. Mick chooses team Neri and tells Liselle to get lost just before HELEN's system shuts down. (2x11)
  26. After Neri tries to sacrifice herself to UBRI to save the others, Brett intervened putting himself in harm's way causing him to need rescuing from the water by Neri, Sam pulls them both from the water. Not wanting to let Brett or Neri down Sam lets Jason destroy the last of the evidence of titanium earning Jason's trust in the process. Brett tells Jason and Dianne that Winston's been acting weird. Winston returns to ORCA with two people from the Planet of the Oceans. They explain to the girls and the Bates about The Gift and how they need the girls to go back home with them to restore balance on their planet and in the universe. (2x12)
  27. Jason pleads with Neri to stay on Earth but puts on a brave face when she decides that she should go with Mera to their planet. Neri and Mera help Jason, Brett and Dianne hear and see through Charley's point-of-view. Jason comes up with a plan to get the girls back to the island safely without getting caught by UBRI. The plans works and Jason says goodbye to Neri almost telling her how he feels about her. She silences him with a kiss and her asks her one more time to stay but she sadly goes to board the ship. The ships lifts off and away and from the mists they discover that Neri stayed after all. (2x13)
  28. Jason learns with his family that UBRI has won the contract to build ORCA city. Jason's mother becomes the new environmental officer. Neri saves Jason after rigging falls on him during a dive. She shows Jason a cave she found that can only be reached by swimming under the water. Jason and Brett feel strange being the only two kids left out of their group on ORCA. Jason warns Neri to keep a low profile due to the strong UBRI presence on ORCA. (3x01)
  29. Jason becomes a cadet aboard ORCA pairing up with Sallyanne for their lessons. At Brett's insistence Neri and Jason go along with his idea to find another way into the spaceship. A storm reveals an opening to the ship and also strands new girl Cassandra Clayborn on Neri's island. Jason, Brett and Neri try to chase her down to get her to understand but Cass is hit on the head by her sail mast and develops amnesia as a result. Jason suggests that Brett keep an eye on her to make sure she doesn't blab everything she knows to everyone when she does remember. (3x02)
  30. Jason and Brett 'borrow' a water pump from the UBRI storage room to drain out the spaceship. Jason and Sallyanne face a simulation test on the bridge which Sallyanne blows for them. Jason, Neri and Brett explore the ship and find someone alive in the ship in a stasis chamber. (3x03)
  31. Jason, Neri and Brett free the boy from the chamber and learn he is Kal, his parents were both on board the ship and are now dead. Neri decides Kal will live on the isalnd with her, a fact Jason doesn't feel comfortable with not wanting things to change. Jason and Brett learn from Kal that on Ocean Planet men 'bow down' to women. (3x04)
  32. Jason tries to explain to Kal about feelings and friendship. Dianne finds out about Kal after an incident with Kal boarding the boat belonging to Brett's diving scheme group. (3x05)
  33. Aboard the spaceship Jason, Neri, Brett and Kal learn of the Synchronium Mission. Jason and Brett agree to help Neri find the pieces of Synchronium. (3x06)
  34. Jason and Neri help Winston with his diving so he can stay on ORCA. Jason and Brett have to hunt down Kal who has turned up on ORCA and are dismayed to learn that he has been signed up for Morgan's exercise classes. (3x07)
  35. Kal turns up on ORCA again so Jason and Brett bring him to Dianne and Winston. Neri learns of UBRI using dynamite in the sea which Dianne unsuccessfully tries to stop. Using Kal's suggestion to search for Synchronium by way of UFO sightings Jason and Brett get onto the trail of a piece. Jason, Neri and Brett retrieve their first piece of Synchronium. (3x08)
  36. Brett calls up to the bridge during one of Jason's simulation tests causing him to mess up. Jason, Neri and Brett head out after another peice of Synchronium only to find UBRI has beaten them to it. (3x09)
  37. At Jason's urging Neri hides the Synchronium in the cave. After Neri saves Benny and he lies to the Commander to cover for her Jason and Brett tell him everything about her and the Synchronium mission.(3x10)
  38. Jason locates another piece of Synchronium and the group recovers it right before UBRI shows up. Jason and Brett help teach Kal what it means to be loyal. Cass start to remember her time on Neri's island in her dreams. Jason is protective of Brett when he finds out Brett was being bullied by Moose. (3x11)
  39. Jason has doubts about taking the helicopter test for his cadet training. Lena Hellegren warns Jason that a lead for Synchronium is a trap set by UBRI. Jason uses his test for the helicopter as a way to warn Brett and Neri to turn back just in time. Jason has to resit the test due to the stunt but Lena has proven herself to be trustworthy and on their side. (3x12)
  40. Lena agrees to spy to help Neri after Jason tells her everything. Cass remembers everything about her time on Neri's island giving the boys no choice but to let her in on the secret. UBRI start blasting with more powerful blasts and more frequency. (3x13)
  41. Lena shows up on ORCA and tells Jason and Brett that she got found out and with no where else to go they work it out for her to stay with them on ORCA. Lena helps locate another peice of Synchronium but UBRI beats them to it. The group plans a raid on UBRI and Jason lies to Neri about when to protect her. They recover one of the two pieces from UBRI. Kal becomes jealous of Jason. (3x14)
  42. In an attempt to prove UBRI's blasting is affecting the ocean wildlife Jason goes night diving with Neri to discover that the reef is not spawning like it should be. Jason accidentally stands-up Sallyanne in the process. Kal sees Jason comforting Neri when she cries over the damage done to the ocean. Jason and Neri find Kal hiding in the spaceship refusing to come out and filled with bad feelings and jealousy of Jason and Neri's closeness. The fault-line in the seabed opens up causing an earthquake. (3x15)
  43. While Neri, Brett and Cass head to the mainland to secure another piece of Synchronium, Commander Wellington and Dianne head to a conference leaving Morgan, Jason and Sallyanne in charge on the bridge. A Earthquake hits stranding Benny in the classroom full of leaking radioactive canisters. Jason's quick thinking to defy Morgan's orders and to use the daily codes to override HELEN are what save Benny. Commander Wellington commends Jason and Sallyanne for thinking outside the box in an emergency. (3x16)
  44. Jason leaves his post in order to help the others to get Charley back in the water after he has been beached due to the earthquakes throwing off his sense of direction. Sallyanne covers for Jason. (3x17)
  45. Kal's jealousy of Jason makes him very rude to Jason and Kal takes off on his own after arguing with Neri about his treatment of Jason. While Jason and Neri try to figure out Kal a plan of Brett's backfires making Sallyanne think a love note Brett wrote for his scheme was written be Jason for her. Jason tries to sort it out but is rather oblivious to the fact that Sallyanne really does have feelings for him. (3x18)
  46. Neri tells Jason and Brett that Mera sent her a warning of new danger. Kal is still M.I.A. and at first Jason thinks he is just trying to make them worry to teach them all a lesson. The group goes after another piece of the Synchronium. Jason uses climbing equipment to pull it from the side of a cliff but UBRI shows up. Jason orders the others to go and get Neri out of harm's way leaving him to the mercy of UBRI alone. They take the Synchronium and as the others make a getaway Jason hears that UBRI has Kal. (3x19)
  47. Jason beats himself up over Kal getting captured. Brett and Cass use the ventilation ducts to eavesdrop on UBRI to find out where Kal is. UBRI wants them to recover Kal so they say the information knowing the kids are listening and make his 'rescue' and easy plan for the kids to execute. Jason is relieved to have Kal back. (3x20)
  48. An earthquake hits while Lena and the other kids are using HELEN to find Synchronium causing them to become grounded. Jason and all the other cadets are put on alert and must check HELEN for damage. Neri is upset that none of the others can help her to find the new piece of Synchronium and not willing to wait until they can she goes off onto the mainland alone. The others make it to the island to discover Neri has not returned yet. Jason is worried and when Neri appears weak and exhausted he hastens to get her help. (3x21)
  49. After receiving low scores on another test Sallyanne feels like she is letting Jason down. Mera returns and Jason and the others learn more about the Synchronium. Jason tries to convince Sallyanne not to resign. Another earthquake hits and Sallyanne saves Jason's life after hearing the water on the other side of the door and getting him out of the flooding section before it's too late. Sallyanne decides to stay. Jason and Brett wonder where Lena has gone off to and discover she was with Neri, Mera and Cass sneaking into Hellegren's house and that they were nearly caught because of Kal. (3x22)
  50. Neri and Mera show Jason and Brett how calling to Charley activates the Synchronium. The others report back to Jason that there is a deal between UBRI and an opal smuggler to have a piece of Synchronium switch hands. (3x23)
  51. The earthquakes grow worse causing evacuations from ORCA. Jason plans out a way to get the piece of Synchronium from the china man but the others have to carry out the plan while he is on the diving roster with Morgan. Morgan gets stung by a stonefish while diving and nearly dies. Jason blames himself for the accident but Sallyanne pulls him out of his funk. Sallyanne tells Jason how she feels about him and he retreats. Jason comforts Cass who is upset about having an argument before Morgan got hurt. (3x24)
  52. Jason and Brett try to convince Dianne to let them stay on ORCA with the voluntary evacuations happening. Sallyanne confronts Jason about his avoidance and thinks he has a girlfriend already and won't come clean about her. Lena gets Jason to realize just how much Sallyanne likes him. The group goes after a piece of Synchronium in the jungle and are nearly killed by a bomb placed in the empty capsule planted by Kellar. They get the Synchronium from up in a tree. Kal deceives everyone by helping UBRI get all the Synchronium from the hiding place. Jason tells Sallyanne about Neri in order to get her to understand what has been going on but she doesn't believe him and thinks it is some tall-tale he's invented to mess with her instead of telling her who his girlfriend is. Jason learns about Kal's deception and just how dangerous the Synchronium device will be in the hands of UBRI. (3x25)
  53. Neri shows up while Jason is out running a mission with Sallyanne revealing herself to the girl. Stronger earthquakes make the evacuation of ORCA mandatory for residents under 18. The group uses the evacuation to take a boat of their own to get to the pier where UBRI will be loading the device on a boat. They are caught by Kellar and tied up. Kal unties them but UBRI has already gone out to sea. They wait on the island and are there when Neri and Mera return with the Synchronium device and an injured Kal. The girls use the Synchronium to heal the damage in the oceans done by UBRI. Jason and Brett try to explain to their mother about all that happened with the Synchronium. They see Mera and Kal off on their ship. (3x26)
  54. Jason is now ranked as Officer on ORCA. While using a special deep-sea diving suit Jason encounters a strange bright light in the mako abyss. Jason and Brett take shelter in the hut Jason built for Neri during storm. Dianna tells Jason and Brett she is a contender for the role of Commander of ORCA. Jason and Winston use the sonar to investigate an anomoly Winston and Cass turned up right where Jason saw the light. The light returns and fries the Sonar equipment. Jason and Winston use the mini-fin sub that Jason has a license for to explore the mako abyss with Neri swimming alongside and find the light again and a great underwater pyramid. (4x01)
  55. Jason believes that they are all in deep trouble when First Officer Danton takes the mini-fin log disc that has footage of the pyramid and Neri on it but somehow the disc is blank. While reviewing information on pyramids with Neri she recognizes an image of a woman. Jason and Brett take the mini-fin back out to the pyramid with Neri alongside again and go inside the pyramid. Neri activates a hologram offering her a quest which she accept and the boys get sucked into a water-gate portal with her that sends them to Egypt. (4x02)
  56. Jason, Neri and Brett encounter Malakat and Shersheba, two people they don't entirely trust, though Shersheba is quite taken with Jason. They also have their first run-in with PRAXIS. (4x03)
  57. Jason, Brett and Neri are taken in by a group of Bedouins who, after Neri saves one of their children, feed them and tell them of their legend of people who live like fish that come from the sky. Back inside the Pyramid of Mystery Jason, Neri and Brett have another run-in with Malakat after Neri gets a golden ankh that Malakat wants. They go back through the water-gate portal ending up in a cave in the Australian outback. (4x04)
  58. In need of water Jason volunteers to go out in search of water or help. He is found by Jakamarra, a native to the area who gives them water and food but not a ride out. Jason uses Brett's vid-phone to try and contact ORCA. Paul Bates shows up in a helicopter just as PRAXIS is closing in on them. (4x05)
  59. Jason and his father argue. Dianne is the new Commander of ORCA and Paul is the new Commander-in-Chief of their ORCA region. PRAXIS move aboard ORCA and subject Jason and Brett to a lie detector test. Jason, Neri and Brett hide out on Paul's farm. Jason and Paul's arguing upsets Neri and Brett. Neri tells Jason that the woman in the hologram was her mother. (4x06)
  60. PRAXIS come after them at the farm and capture Neri. They overhear a PRAXIS transmission and learn Charley helped Neri escape. Cass finds a tracking bug in Jason's watch. Jason, Brett and Neri return to the underwater pyramid and learn that Neri's mother was Queen Shalamorn of the Ocean People making Neri a princess and that she is the chosen one. (4x07)
  61. Shersheba arrives on ORCA and wheedles her way into getting Jason to take her out to dive in the reef. She fakes her own drowning to draw Neri in and Malakat shows up on the boat. Jason drives the boat knocking off Malakat and Shersheba and he and Neri work out that both Malakat and Shersheba are from Neri's planet. (4x08)
  62. Jason takes Neri with him to his father's farm. The two of them go to the pyramid and learn of a dangerous minority on Neri's planet that do not agree with the plan of a peaceful migration. Malakat and Shersheba enter the pyramid and reveal a plot to met the polar ice-caps. Jason uses his body to shield Neri from a shot from Shersheba's blaster. Neri and Jason escape through the water-gate. (4x09)
  63. Jason and Neri go with Jakamarra to retrieve the Golden Ankh from where he's hidden it. Jakamarra tells them the story of the Whale Woman. PRAXIS and Malakat and Shersheba close in on the group. After Neri begs him to Jason leaves in his father's helicopter with the Golden Ankh while Neri is captured by PRAXIS. (4x10)
  64. Jason agrees to meet with Malakat and Shersheba to exchange the Golden Ankh for Neri, who they claim to have recovered from PRAXIS. Sensing duplicity Jason makes a copy of the ankh, his suspicions are proven accurate when it is Shersheba dressed as Neri at the exchange. Jason knows someone is taking the real ankh from it's hiding place when the tracking device he put on it shows it moving. (4x11)
  65. Jason and Brett take the mini-fin to the pyramid to try and stop Malakat and Shersheba from using the ankh. Shersheba uses the ankh despite a warning and all four must retreat from the pyramid. Paul comes up with Neri's location and the group comes up with a plan to flood PRAXIS to get Neri out. Jason father questions Jason about how he cares 'very especially' for Neri on the ride to PRAXIS. The mission is a success but Neri is very ill and near death by the time they free her. On the drive back Jason cradles Neri's head in his lap and he cries and begs Neri to hang on. (4x12)
  66. Jason is holding Neri's hand back in the Bates quarters on ORCA when he realizes that she has passed. Jason decides that he and Brett will return Neri's body to the pyramid, to Shalamorn. There that say their goodbyes to Neri. Jason tells her "I love you, Neri. Always." Malakat and Shersheba interrupt and activate the pyramid with the prepared ankh. Jason places Neri's hand on the sacred stone before Shersheba reaches it and the pyramid brings Neri back to life. In anger Shersheba destroys the ankh causing the pyramid to sink and Jason, Neri and Brett escape from the pyramid. (4x13)
  67. Jason stays with Winston while Neri and Brett look for a cure to Winston's snake bite. (4x14)
  68. Neri goes with Jason and Brett to the farm for Jason's birthday. Jason is upset about his father having to leave for business. (4x15)
  69. Neri tells Jason that she feels things are not right with Mera and with her home planet. He tries to get her mind off of things by going for a swim with her in the reef. Jason and Brett use the mini-fin to save Neri from Garron and the commandos. The Neri tells Jason she can feel the pyramid returning. (4x16)
  70. Jason, Neri and Brett save Mera and the new Golden Ankh from the commandos. They learn about the red virus. Jason and the others learn Shersheba and Malakat have returned to Earth and PRAXIS returns to ORCA. (4x17)
  71. Jason is forced to take Agent Shelby down into the mako abyss in the mini-fin. They are attacked by Malakat's commandos when they reach the pyramid. Jason saves them both by jumping the mini-fin's battery off of Shelby's GPS monitor. With proof of a large alien presence PRAXIS takes over ORCA. Jason pleads with Hauser to try and prevent the situation from escalating to violence. (4x19)
  72. Jason goes with Neri to meet with Malakat. Malakat tells them he was the one who had Shalamorn's ship rigged to blow up. Mera gets taken by Shersheba leaving Neri with the tough decision to choose to trade her sister for the ankh. Jason will not make that choice for her but he does give her his support and comfort. (4x20)
  73. Jason prevents Neri from becoming infected with the red virus too by stopping her from going to Charley when the whale calls out in pain after Shersheba released the virus right on top of him. (4x21)
  74. Jason risks his own safety to propose Neri's deal to Malakat and Shersheba. (4x22)
  75. Even with PRAXIS set to launch a nuclear torpedo at the pyramid Jason goes with Neri to bring the ankh to the pyramid. They are double-crossed by Malakat and his people and retreat with Mera fearing the nuclear missile. Malakat and Shersheba activate the pyramid. Jason is surprised to see Charley return still alive. (4x23)
  76. Jason stays the night on the island with Neri and Mera. Mera observes that Jason always agrees with Neri and teases him. She's quite observant to how close Jason and Neri have become. Jason is very protective of his mother when PRAXIS questions her. Malakat is using the pyramid to melt the polar ice-caps and fails to cure the red virus. Jason tries to boost Neri and Mera's morale to not lose hope. (4x24)
  77. Jason and Neri come up with a sound theory that Charley is the key to curing the virus. Jason brings Charley's blood sample back to ORCA and is faced with Shersheba and her people. Shersheba steals the prepared antidote, Jason wants out to let Neri know. (4x25)
  78. Jason plans to go with Neri to try and get inside the Pyramid of Power. Jason flies them in a helicopter to the Cave of Light. He refuses to let her go on alone and they go together through the water-gate to the pyramid. Jason joins his hand atop Neri's as she depresses down the pyramid's self destruct mechnism in an effort to stop Malakat from using the pyramid for harm. Queen Shalamorn enters just in time to stop them. They learn that Malakat had Shalamorn in stasis on Ocean Planet. Jason stands witness at Neri's coronation. Jason is very happy when Shalamorn decides Neri should stay on Earth to help bring their people together. He shows Neri just how happy he is by sharing a kiss of true love with her. (4x26)