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Jeffrey Walker was born on the 10th of July 1982 in Melbourne, Australia. He played the role of Brett Bates in Ocean Girl for the entire run of the series from 1994 to 1998.

Early Life and Career[]

Jeffrey started acting at a very young age, his first acting job was in 1989, a small part in The Flying Doctors. His next role was to take over playing the role of Bronson Twist in the series Round the Twist, a show that fellow Ocean Girl actor Marzena Godecki is also an alumni from. Following Round the Twist he landed the role of Brett Bates in 1994.

Life After Ocean Girl[]

Jeffrey continued his acting career after Ocean Girl earning himself a Young Actor's Award from the Australian Film Institute for his role in The Wayne Manifesto in 1996. He had roles in other programs including a lead in Thunderstone. Most recently his focus has turned to work behind the camera. He has directed for such shows as Angry Boys, Small Time Gangster, H20: Just Add Water, and Neighbours, a show Ocean Girl co-star David Hoflin had a role in. He also plays guitar for the Sydney based band Ballet Imperial. He can also be seen in the John Butler Trio's 'Something's Gotta Give' video clip.