Kal (Jeremy Angerson) is from the Planet of the Oceans. He traveled to Earth along with his parents who were assigned to a Mission. Kal's parents put him in stasis just before the ship crashed. Being in stasis stunted Kal's ability to relate to other people, to an almost sociopathic extent, and his manner remained childlike.

Character Edit

Waking On the Island Edit

Describe how Kal was discovered and how his first days on the island were, his first interactions with the group

Helping to Find Synchronium Edit

Describe Kal's role in helping to find the Synchronium and his development with the others.

Betrayal and Redemption Edit

Describe Kal's role with UBRI and how in the end he redeemed himself

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Character Traits Edit

  1. (Unique aspects and abilities of the character)

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  1. (Events that show character growth and/or are influential to the character, include episode number when applicable.)
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