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Lena Hellegren (Joelene Crnogorac) is the daughter of Dr. Hellegren of UBRI. She spent most of her childhood being sent away to boarding schools. She cares deeply for her father despite the choices he makes. Lena is clever and also seeks the truth, even if it means learning things that are painful to hear. Unlike her father, Lena's intentions toward Neri are kind and pure.

Character Overview[]

Coming to ORCA[]

Describe Lena's arrival and introduction to ORCA.

Learning About UBRI[]

Describe Lena's investigation into the truth of what her father does and did.

Synchronium Mission[]

Describe Lena's part in helping the group in the Synchronium mission after learning of Neri.

Key Points[]

Character Traits[]

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Defining Moments[]

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