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Liz Burch was born on the 18th of October 1954 in Hornsby, Australia. She played the role of Dianne Bates on Ocean Girl for two seasons from 1996 to 1998.

Early Life and Career[]

Liz gained experience in working on television shows quite well and also picked up a fan-base for her role of Dr. Chris Randall in the show The Flying Doctors. She also had roles in Cop Shop, Five Mile Creek and Mission Top Secret just to name a few.

Life After Ocean Girl[]

Liz continued her acting career after Ocean Girl taking roles in other television shows such as Water Rats, CrashBurn and Blue Water High. In 2009 she was one of the main focuses of a fan-made documentary called Fan due to one woman's love for Liz's show The Flying Doctors. There is a Liz Burch website dedicated to exploring her career and triumphs and also includes the Fan documentary response written by Liz.