The mission of Neri's father was to prevent the continued exploitation of the environment of the earth's oceans.

Reasons for the mission Edit

The government of the Planet of the Oceans had predicted that the continued exploitation of Earth's natural resources and oceans would lead to a global disaster that would eventually cause earth to leave its orbit and threaten to collide with the Planet of the Oceans. As a result, Neri's father, and husband of the Queen, was sent in a spaceship to Earth with his daughters, Neri and Mera, as well as two scientists and their son Kal, to warn the people of Earth about the consequences of their behaviour and to cure existing damages using the Synchronium. It was necessary for Neri and Mera to come with him because the use of the Synchronium requires special abilities possessed only by the female lineage of the royal family, The Gift, and because the Queen could not leave to do the same due to government responsibilities.

Course of the mission Edit

The ship sent to perform the Synchronium mission was equipped with a special locator to find the the device that had been sent to Earth ahead of them in nine separate pieces. The mission failed. Control over the starship was lost while orbiting around earth. Kal's mother was the ship's log reporter, she left behind details of the mission in case anyone should survive or recover the ship. Kal was placed in an induced sleep before impact. During the impact, the space ship dug into the beach of an island in the Great Barrier Reef. Kal's parents perished in the crash. Neri and her father survived the initial impact, Neri's father succumbed to death after living on the island with his daughter for some time. The mission was picked up again later by Neri and her friends and, after contending with UBRI and other hardships, they managed to complete the mission successfully.