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Vital statistics
Status Alive
Family Mera (sister)
Neri's Father
Neri's Mother
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Species {{{race}}}
Gender Female
Age(s) 15-19
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Allies Jason
Many others
Enemies Dr. Hellegren
Powers and abilities Super speed
Super agility
Super lung capacity
Super strength
Portrayed by Marzena Godecki
First appearance The Girl in the Sea
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Neri is one of the main characters in the Ocean Girl television series and is the title character. The name Neri was derived from the word Nerida which is Greek for "sea nymph".

Character Information[]

Discovery of Neri[]

At the start of the series, Neri is a mysterious fifteen-year-old girl who seems to spring from the sea and into the alien world of a modern adolescent. Resourceful and feisty, there are times when she seems sage-like beyond her years, and others when she appears to be a lost and bewildered child.

Neri was just a child when the crash happened that landed her, her father, and other shipmates on the island where she would call home, the others perished either in the crash, later by illness or by injury, until it was just Neri and her father left, her father taught her how to live on the island, he taught her to respect nature, he taught her many things and told her stories at night when he grew sick he warned her of the outside world, that they would not understand her and the things she could do, when her father passed it left Neri all alone on her island, with no contact with any other people for quite some time. Her only friend was the Jali who saved her when she was little.

Neri's extraordinary upbringing has resulted in her being independent and self-willed, sometimes to the point of abrasion. Not that she means deliberate offense - she just says and does what she wants without having been taught many social restrictions. Somewhat of a wide-eyed innocent in her first brushes with civilization, she reacts with a loner's steely resolve when it seems to betray her.

But the real Neri always bubbles underneath - a gutsy, funny little battler, tempered with a touch of something mystical, for within this girl lies a magic gift. A gift always at threat of being ruined by exploitation - but one which could prove priceless to a world about to enter the new age of the 21st century. Among her many talents is the ability to swim to astonishing depths without the need for diving apparatus, she can stay underwater for great lengths of time without having to come up for air. She can also swim with great speed, often swimming faster than most boats. She has a strength much stronger than humans. Neri also has The Gift, rare even among her people, to be able to talk to a jail. Part of that Gift also held by Neri, inherited by her mother is the gift of mending and healing, also the ability to harness the powers of the universe to help bring harmony and peace. She can also 'see' things even when blindfolded, as tested by Dianne Bates and Winston Seth in their scientific assessment of her, and can also hear well beyond the range of humans. Neri must have plenty of water, to drink and also to 'wet down' her body with, or else she grows ill; she also needs to have sunlight to stay in good health.

Neri knows a lot about the island she lives on. She has made it her home. Neri sleeps in a nest she made up in a tree and knows what kind of food is good to eat, and what isn't. Neri has also learned to make natural medicines. When Brett ate some "bad berries", Neri made a remedy from local plants that helped him get better before sending him back to "his people".

Neri's only friend, before meeting Brett and Jason, was Jali, her people's word for whale. Confusion in communication with Jason and Brett caused Jali's name to become Charley. She can understand Charley and he can understand her. She loves him like a best friend. She tried to help him get out of a net ending up getting trapped in the net herself, before having Jason help her escape using his knife.

The first human contact Neri had was Jason. Jason had been assigned the task of tagging a whale, Charley as it turned out. Charley sent a distress call to Neri. When Dianne told Jason to shoot Neri arrived blocking Jason's shot. Neri dove under the water and Dianne took and made the shot and never saw Neri. Nobody believed Jason when he told them he saw a girl in the water.

Neri's next encounter with humans was with Jason's younger brother Brett after his boat had been lost at sea and washed ashore on her island. He was hungry and thirsty and went in search of food and water on her island. Not knowing the dangers of certain plants he ate poisoned berries and passed out. When Neri first met Brett, she realized he had eaten some bad berries, and made a medicinal drink out of plants to help him get better and had him rest. When she saw through Charley's eyes a search boat from Orca she woke Brett up and carried him back to his boat, told Brett not to speak of her, and pushed it into the ocean leading it out closer to the search vessel where he was rescued. When Brett was back on ORCA he told Jason he met Neri since Jason already knew of her. The boys kept Neri a closely guarded secret for as long as they could. They became good friends, learning about each other's way of living. Neri learned not only of ORCA and technology but also of other things, such as crying, something she had never done before. Only a few other people have learned about Neri, most of them children, and most of them are considered friends. Some of them help to free Charley when he is captured by a company called UBRI. After Charley was freed Neri opted to go on migration with him. Dr. Bates tries to stop her from going, reluctant to let her go. Neri says goodbye to the Bates family and Winston and says goodbye to Jason in the form of a kiss.

Finding Mera[]

In time Neri learned about her origins, discovering clues her father had left behind for her to find. Among them was a necklace in the shape of her island with a mark made on it leading to the next clue, writing on a rock wall, which led to an arrow pointing to a specific beach in a place Neri called the "badlands". The clues lead her and her friends to discover the spaceship that brought Neri and her people to the island. It confirms Jason's suspicions that Neri is not from Earth. In the spaceship, Neri feels an eerie sense of familiarity and begins to remember things. That the ship's power comes from the sea for one. She also recognizes her father's sign on an orb and also on a hexagonal rod. After Froggy fixes the rod it is plugged into the ship and Neri unknowingly activates a distress beacon. The orb turns out to be a hologram left for Neri by her father. He tells her of his Mission and also of her sister Mera.

With the help of her friends, Neri discovers that Mera survived the crash in the pod her father had placed her in. The kids learn that Mera was found by a fisherman by way of an old newspaper article "Baby found at sea". Mera was given the name Jane Seaforth by the people of Children's Welfare and was brought up in several different foster homes but changed houses quite frequently due to her oddities. Eventually, Mera was placed in a special school, the Institute of the Advancement of Human Ability or IAHA for short. It is from there that the kids helped her escape from just before Mera was to be transferred into the hands of Dr. Hellegren of UBRI. With Mera safe from UBRI Neri helped teach her sister her ways of living and what she remembers of their origins and their father.

Contending now with UBRI, with Dr. Hellegren determined to find and capture the girls, and also dealing with a new commander and her son on ORCA it becomes even more vital to make sure the secret of Neri and Mera is kept secret. Neri is also determined to carry on her father's mission to protect the oceans, a hard task when it is learned that the scans Neri had been helping Dianne and Winston enhance turned-up titanium under the reef bed. A highly valued deposit Captain Sam Phillips would very much like to make a profit from. Meanwhile, UBRI spies placed on ORCA help Hellegren track the Bates, Neri, and Mera and nearly succeed in capturing the girls. It was an incident that allowed the new commander's son Mick Byrne, Captain Phillips, and a handful of the new kids on ORCA to learn of Neri and Mera. Fortunately, the others agree to help keep the secret of the girls. Phillips keeps the discovery of the titanium secret after seeing Neri rescue Brett from drowning, bringing him back from death with her Gift. UBRI has ORCA under constant watch and has them surrounded keeping the girls trapped on the station. Winston goes back to the island and encounters people from the Planet of the Oceans sent on a rescue mission to recover the girls. Neri and Mera are told that their mother, a leader on their home planet, has recently passed and someone with The Gift is needed on their home planet to help restore order before everything falls into complete chaos. The girls choose to go with their people. Neri and Mera help Dianna, Jason, and Brett to hear Charley and see through his eyes. The friends that know of Neri follow a plan of Jason's to help them to escape to the island where the spaceship is waiting. Tearful goodbyes are said. With Jason Neri shares a kiss, then she says farewell to Brett. In the last moments of takeoff, Neri decides to stay on Earth and Mera still chooses to return to the Ocean Planet.

Synchronium Mission[]

The control of ORCA switches to the hands of Commander Wellington and most of everyone who knows of Neri is transferred to other stations with their parents, a common occurrence among the people of the ORCA community. UBRI gains a section of the station to stage their work on building the expansion known as Orca City. Among the new kids on board ORCA are Benny, an intellectual boy and son of the new doctor on board, Cassandra Clayborn, an American girl capable of giving Brett a run for his money in the pranks department whose sister, Morgan Clayborn is in charge of helping teach the cadets, and Sallyanne Taylor, a girl who joins the cadets the same time Jason does and forms a crush on him. Cassandra, known more often as Cass, takes a boat out gets caught up in a tropical storm, and takes shelter on Neri's island. She discovers Neri but runs in fear after Brett's stories of cannibals and is hit on the head by the mast of her sail as she tries to flee. The accident leaves her with a concussion and amnesia unable to remember anything about Neri or the island.

Meanwhile, the storm that marooned Cass also blew over a tree revealing a hatch into the spaceship. The ship has flooded but the boys bring a pump to drain it. After the ship has been drained they explore the ship. On the ship, they find someone in a stasis chamber, asleep but learning of Earth, or Opal Planet as the Ocean People call it. His name is Kal and he remembers Neri when she was a little girl. Kal lives on Neri's island as she decided because his parents died as a result of the spaceship crashing. Neri learns more of her father's mission from a message left by Kal's mother on the spaceship. Her father was to locate and recover pieces of a device called Synchronium. The device had been sent to Earth in nine pieces and was designed to be put together and used to restore the oceans to proper wellness. Synchronism in the wrong hands can bring much danger and so many bad things. Neri takes up her father's mission of recovering and operating the Synchronium.

Meanwhile, UBRI continues to use dynamite blasting to build the foundation of ORCA City causing great harm to the reef and to the seabed where a hidden fault line opens up. The fault causes tremors and eventually full-blown earthquakes to happen right near ORCA. The mission of the Synchronium becomes imperative. Unfortunately, UBRI has also discovered the device and is determined to find all the pieces as well. Hellegren and his assistant Kellar make the mission very difficult. Hellegren's daughter, Lena learns of what her father has done in the past and helps obtain knowledge for the Bates and Neri. Kal is adept at working out the crash sites. While Benny and Cass, after remembering Neri, were also brought into the fold and helped with the mission.

UBRI kidnaps Kal after a rift grows between him and the others when Kal's emotions get the better of him, specifically his jealousy of Jason over his closeness with Neri. Hellegren fools Kal into thinking he is Kal's friend and teaches him to use deception to help him get the pieces of Synchronism. Mera warns Neri that there is trouble and that she is running out of time in Neri's dreams. With the mission still not finished Mera comes to Earth to help with the mission. In the end, Kal steals all the pieces of Synchronium and hands them over to Hellegren only to learn he was never a real friend. By this time the situation with the fault has grown dire, causing evacuations and tsunamis. Hellegren brings the Synchronium device out to sea to activate it to control the seas. Neri and Mera are in the water when he activates it and, to stop him, Lena jumps in with them. Hellegren tries to stop the device from touching the water to prevent his daughter from being killed but Kellar fights him. Kal jumps up and grabs the Synchronium to return it to Neri and Mera, injuring himself to do so. Neri and Mera bring the device back to the island and activate it by calling Charley. The Synchronism restores the oceans to the way they should be, repairing the damage done by UBRI and closing up the fault line. Mera returns to the Ocean Planet.

The Pyramids[]

After an encounter with a strange light while deep-sea diving Jason and Brett take shelter on Neri's island in the new hut Jason built for her. Back at ORCA Winston's equipment picks up a strange phenomenon blocking his scans out in the Mako Abyss. After seeing the light for herself when swimming near Winston and Jason's sonar sweep Neri becomes intrigued. Neri goes out to explore the phenomenon with Jason and Winston behind her in the Mini-Fin. What they discover is an underwater pyramid. The light is a defensive program to keep outsiders away, Neri's presence keeps it at bay. The group has to keep the underwater pyramid a secret, not an easy task with Louis Danton and his father, First Officer Danton, growing suspicious and looking into things.

Fueled by her curiosity about the pyramid and an image of a woman while doing research Neri insists on going back to the pyramid. Jason and Brett go with her and Neri finds a place to open and they go inside. They find a statue of the woman Neri recognized. Neri touches it and activates the pyramid and a hologram giving Neri a chance to accept a quest, she accepts. A light points them to a portal that causes them to be transported to Egypt to another pyramid, the Pyramid of Mystery. While in Egypt Neri, Jason and Brett meet a man named Malakat and a girl with him named Shersheba. They also encounter two agents from an organization called PRAXIS that try to capture Neri. An encounter that forces Dianne to tell her ex-husband, Paul Bates, the truth about Neri. Neri, Jason, and Brett make it back inside the pyramid and she recovers a golden ankh. They take the portal gate again to escape from Malakat and PRAXIS and end up in a cave in the middle of the outback. Only Neri can use the portal as she is The Chosen One. Neri entrusts the Golden Ankh to Jakamarra for safekeeping just as Paul Bates rescues the three friends in a helicopter.

PRAXIS moves on to ORCA to uncover the truth and to find Neri. While ORCA deals with PRAXIS Neri returns to the pyramid alone for guidance and learns she is the daughter of the woman who made the holographic messages, Shalamorn. PRAXIS, desperate to get Neri goes as far as to bug Jason's watch and track the kids to Paul's farm where they were hiding. They kidnap Neri but Charley helps her escape. Neri, Jason, and Brett return to the underwater pyramid and watch another holographic message from Shalamorn and learn that she is Queen Shalamorn of the Ocean People and Neri, as her firstborn daughter is a princess. Shalamorn tells her daughter about the planned peaceful migration of her people to the Opal Planet and that the Pyramids were built 5000 years ago for the time they would be needed. She mentions the Synchronium and Neri's father's mission. She tells Neri that she is the Chosen One.

Shersheba arrives at ORCA to glean information and get closer to finding the underwater pyramid. She stages her drowning while out with Jason to draw Neri in. When Malakat arrives on the boat and Shersheba is revealed to be fine Neri and Jason realize that Malakat and Shersheba are from the Ocean Planet. Neri and Jason return to the pyramid to gain more information about Neri's quest. They learn about a powerful minority on Ocean Planet that held a dangerous differing view of the planned peaceful migration. This group is the one led by Malakat and Princess Shersheba. Neri's mother tells her that the rebel faction would rather weaken the Earth people using the pyramid. Malakat and Shersheba interrupt Shalamorn's message and admit to their plan to melt the polar ice caps. They demand the ankh from Neri. Neri makes a stand against them as a Princess. Malakat admits to causing the crash of the ship that brought Neri, Mera, her father, and others to Earth. Jason protects Neri from a hit from Shersheba's wrist blaster, blocking the shot with his own body. Neri pretends to give in to the demands and instead activates the portal again where she and Jason escape to the cave.

Neri collects the Golden Ankh from Jakamarra. Jakamarra tells Neri and Jason the history of the Whale Woman which explains why he trusts Neri. Jakamarra helps Neri and Jason run from PRAXIS, Malakat, and Shersheba. As the agents close in on the group agent Elly Hauser slips while climbing the cliff Neri, Jason, and Jakamarra had just climbed. Neri turns back and helps her. Agent Jake Shelby closes in and captures Neri. Shersheba grabs the ankh, Paul arrives in the helicopter, and Jakamarra uses Jason's accusation to PRAXIS that Malakat and Shersheba are aliens too to grab the ankh and throw it to Jason. Neri begs Jason to take the Golden Ankh go with Paul and leave her behind. In the hands of PRAXIS Neri refuses to speak or cooperate. She grows weaker without enough water and no sunlight on the underground floor they keep her on. Elly tries to help her but is stopped by her boss Richter. Between Richter, Shelby, and the doctor they employ to run tests on her Neri falls into very bad shape. By the time the Bates manage to launch a rescue for Neri, after having to contend with Malakat and Shersheba who got their hands on the real Ankh and attempted to use it, Neri is near death. They bring her back to ORCA and Jason never leaves her side. Too ill to recover Neri passes while Jason is holding her hand at her bedside. As the family and friends grieve Neri's death it falls to Jason and Brett to decide what to do with Neri's body. Jason decides to bring her back to the pyramid, to her mother Shalamorn. As the boys say their goodbyes Jason admits that he loves Neri, "always." Malakat and Shersheba return with a properly prepared ankh and plug it into the pyramid's control console activating the pyramid's full powers. A sacred stone rises to take the hand-print of the one activating the pyramid. Just before Shersheba can place her hand upon it Jason places Neri's on it. Neri is engulfed in a bright light and she is brought back to life and full health. In Shersheba's wrath, she destroys the ankh and Neri and the boys escape as the pyramid disappears under the ocean floor.

Neri feels something is wrong with the Ocean Planet and Mera but she does not know what. More of Malakat's people arrive on Earth and attempt to apprehend Neri. Mera escapes Malakat's followers on Ocean Planet and returns to Earth with a new Golden Ankh and tells Neri of the Red Virus destroying the oceans of their home planet and that Malakat plans to enslave humans. With the underwater pyramid having returned the battle for the ankh starts all over again. With so much alien activity in the skies, PRAXIS comes back to ORCA learning about the pyramid and Malakat's people. It brings the situation to the brink of war. In a meeting to discuss turning over the ankh, Malakat tells Neri that he had a hand in Queen Shalamorn's ship exploding. Shersheba kidnaps Mera as a bargaining chip to get Neri to hand over the ankh. Shersheba, at odds with Malakat, releases the Red Virus that Malakat created into the ocean near Charley. Charley grows ill and, not hearing him anymore, Neri believes he has died. Mera uses the heart of the pyramid to contact Neri.

Faced with the prospect of the destruction of both worlds Neri plans to take the ankh to the pyramid and negotiates to have Malakat and his people leave it. PRAXIS have their nuclear torpedoes armed to destroy the pyramid. Malakat uses deception and retakes the pyramid. Neri, Jason, and Mera escape and Malakat and Shersheba activate the full powers of the pyramid. Charley returns having recovering from the virus. The ice-caps begin to melt and Neri can feel that Malakat is using the pyramid for bad. Jason stays on the island with Neri and Mera and Mera calls Jason out on his feelings for Neri. The cures for the virus the pyramid makes don't work. The key to stopping the virus is Charley but Malakat's people have taken over ORCA. Cass and Brett do the blood test to create the cure. Shersheba steals the cure but then turns on Malakat and takes the cure to the Planet of the Oceans. Believing there is no other way to stop Malakat from using the Pyramid of Power to destroy Earth Neri plans to use the pyramids self destruct mechanism. Jason will not let her go alone and together they use the portal in the Cave of Light to get to the pyramid. They arrive as Malakat uses the pyramid to attack ORCA. Neri and Jason are pressing down the self-destruct mechanism when Queen Shalamorn, Mera, Shersheba, and the royal guard arrive. Queen Shalamorn stops Neri and Jason in time and orders the pyramid to cease following Malakat's orders. Shalamorn had been held in stasis by Malakat on the Ocean Planet. With order restored Neri is coronated as First Born Princess of the Royal House and Heir Apparent to the Throne of the Ancient Ones. Queen Shalamorn decides to have Neri stay on Earth as a representative of the Ocean People to help form a peaceful relationship between the two worlds. Happy that she is staying Jason shows his feeling of joy with Neri by kissing her.

Key Points[]

Character Traits[]

  1. Swims with amazing speed and agility.
  2. Has superhuman lung capacity allowing her to stay underwater longer than humans.
  3. Can swim to great depths.
  4. Has better than average strength.
  5. Can communicate with a whale named Charley.
  6. Can see objects even when blindfolded.
  7. Can hear well outside the normal human hearing range.
  8. Can sense danger on occasion.
  9. Has to get wet often or else she grows ill.
  10. Must stay hydrated well above normal hydration.
  11. Heals faster than normal.
  12. Adept at living in the jungle.
  13. Very kind spirit.
  14. Respect nature.
  15. Is the First Born Princess of the Royal House and Heir Apparent to the Throne of the Ancient Ones.
  16. Is an alien from the Planet of the Oceans.

Defining Moments[]

  1. Went with her father, sister, and others to travel to the Opal Planet(Earth) on a mission of peace when she was approximately five years old. Their ship crashed.
  2. Fell from a high cliff on her island when she was still a little girl and was rescued by a jail, since then she has been able to speak to the jail.
  3. Her father grew ill and passed on leaving Neri alone as the only one left on the island where they crashed.
  4. Neri interfered with an ORCA crew attempting to tag her jali friend, making her first contact with humans and her first encounter with Jason Bates. (1x01)
  5. Neri saved Brett Bates from the poison of "bad berries" when he ate them unknowingly after being lost at sea. (1x02)
  6. Neri encounters Jason and Brett Bates again when Jason saves her from a net she had been caught in. She shows both boys her island. (1x03)
  7. Neri warns Jason of an impending earthquake revealing to the boys that she can speak to Charley. (1x04)
  8. Neri tells Jason the story of her and Charley and what she remembers of her past. (1x05)
  9. Neri sees that not all humans are as nice as Jason and Brett when developers come to her island. She grows curious about ORCA. (1x06)
  10. Neri recovers faster than normal after exposure to ZENCO chemicals showing she has a highly developed immune system. (1x07)
  11. Neri visits ORCA (1x08)
  12. Neri visits the mainland. She learns what kissing is and tries it by kissing Damien. (1x09)
  13. Neri rescues Dianne from drowning exposing her existence to Dianne and Winston. Neri fixes Charley's tag at the risk of her being found to keep the Bates on ORCA. (1x10)
  14. Neri comes aboard ORCA and meets with Dianne and Winston and agrees to undergo tests. Results show she can swim to great depths, and hear well outside of normal range. (1x11)
  15. More tests reveal Neri can 'see' while blindfolded. Neri learns to dress up from Dianne and learns to dance with Jason. Charley sending his distress signal to Neri after being shocked by UBRI's electric net causes Neri to short out a door panel. (1x12)
  16. Neri's existence is revealed to more kids to help free Charley. Neri chooses to go with Charley on migration. Neri kisses Jason goodbye. (1x13)
  17. Neri has a run-in with Hellegren after his chopper goes down at sea. Neri decides to look for the truth of who she is by searching her island. (2x01)
  18. Clues on the island in the form of a necklace in the shape of Neri's island and alien writing on a rock wall lead Neri and the other kids to find the spaceship that brought Neri and her people to the island. (2x02)
  19. Neri and Jason make their way inside the spaceship. Neri works the console. A message from Neri's father tells her she has a sister, Mera. (2x03)
  20. Neri helps Dianne and Winston by swimming near the toad array increasing the quality of the scans somehow with her presence while the other kids find Mera. (2x05)
  21. Neri meets Mera for the first time and brings her to live with her on her island. (2x06)
  22. Neri teaches Mera how to live on the island and how to swim like her. (2x08)
  23. Neri is revealed to more people. Neri teaches Mera how to talk to Charley. (2x10)
  24. Neri helps Mick to learn how to read. (2x11)
  25. Neri attempts to give herself up to UBRI to protect everyone else. She saves Brett from drowning by bringing him back to life with her gift. Neri and Mera meet people from their home planet sent to rescue them. Neri learns her home planet is called the Planet of the Oceans. She learns from her people that her mother has passed recently that her mother was a leader and that Neri and Mera have inherited The Gift from their mother and are needed back home. (2x12)
  26. Neri and Mera prepare to leave Earth, they join together to show what it is like to communicate with Charley to Dianne, Jason, and Brett. Neri kisses Jason goodbye. Neri chooses at the last minute to stay on Earth while Mera chooses to go home to the Ocean Planet. (2x13)
  27. Neri sees what UBRI is doing to the reef with their building and use of dynamite. She is determined to carry out her father's mission to protect the oceans. (3x01)
  28. A storm reveals a hatch to the spaceship. (3x02)
  29. Neri, Jason, and Brett explore the ship and find someone alive in it. (3x03)
  30. Neri and the boys bring Kal up from the spaceship and Kal lives with Neri on the island. (3x04)
  31. Neri tries to teach Kal about feelings and danger. (3x05)
  32. Neri uses the ship's log to learn about the crash and the mission. She learns of Synchronism. Neri takes up her father's task to find the nine Synchronium pieces. (3x06)
  33. Neri feels that something is very wrong with the oceans. The kids and Kal help Neri start to search for Synchronium. Neri goes to the mainland with Jason and Brett and recovers the first piece.(3x08)
  34. Neri travels in the desert on camels with Jason and Brett to recover another piece of Synchronism. UBRI beat them to it. (3x09)
  35. Neri meets Benny. (3x10)
  36. Kal asking Neri about kissing. Cass starts to remember her time on Neri's island. Neri, Jason, and Brett recover another piece of Sychronium that pushes Neri to the limits of how far down she can swim. (3x11)
  37. Lena Hellegren tips Jason off and allows him to save Neri and Brett from UBRI. (3x12)
  38. Neri receives telepathic warnings from Mera in her sleep. Cass remembers Neri while under hypnosis, Hellegren overhears the session and learns that Neri is still on Earth. Lena and Cass swear to help Neri in her quest. Earthquakes start. (3x13)
  39. Jason lies to protect Neri while he leads a mission to recover Synchronium from UBRI. Neri is angry at Jason and then very worried for his safety. Kal grows jealous of how close Jason and Neri are. (3x14)
  40. Neri and Jason swim the reef at night to discover the reef's ecosystem has been compromised by UBRI. Jason comforts Neri when she cries which Kal sees and it sends his jealousy out of control. A major earthquake hits opening up a fault line, everything begins to take a turn for the worse as Neri had warned proving she can predict some things. (3x15)
  41. Neri, Cass, and Brett travel to the mainland to a farm to recover another piece of Synchronism. While there Neri helps a blind girl, Patti, to make art again. (3x16)
  42. Charley gets beached as a result of another quake. Jason is there to help comfort her. (3x17)
  43. Kal's treatment of Jason makes Neri angry, causing an argument that makes Kal leave and get kidnapped by UBRI. (3x18)
  44. In an attempt to get another piece of Synchronium foiled by UBRI Neri learns they have Kal. Jason protects Neri from UBRI risking his safety for her. (3x19)
  45. With Kal recovered Neri goes into the outback alone after a piece of Synchronium after receiving another warning from Mera. She finds help in a local family who tells her of water spirits that came from the sky. Neri secures the piece of Synchronism but grows very weak and ill from her travel across dry land. Mera arrives to help her sister. (3x21)
  46. Mera brings news to Neri that Charley is the key to activating the Synchronium. Neri and Mera test this news when Neri shows the hidden cave where she hides the Synchronium by calling Charley. (3x22)
  47. Neri and the others look for the last piece of Synchronium in the jungle and nearly get killed by a bomb left by Kellar. Brett warns them in time and Neri gets the Synchronium from a tree. Neri is unable to see Kal cannot be trusted. Charley sees Kal helping UBRI get Synchronium and tells Neri. (3x25)
  48. Neri reveals herself to Sallyanne in the process of finding Jason to get Synchronium back. With the group tied up at the docks Neri and Mera swim out to stop Hellegren from using the Synchronium. He activates it and Lena jumps in the water to stop him from killing the girls. Kellar takes over but Kal takes the Synchronium back to save the girls. Neri and Mera use the Synchronium to fix the oceans. Neri makes Kal sleep again for the journey back to Ocean Planet with Mera. (3x26)
  49. Jason builds a hut for Neri. Curious about a white light that Jason and Neri have encountered near the Mako abyss Jason and Winston follow Neri in the new Mini-Fin to discover an underwater pyramid. (4x01)
  50. Neri is drawn to the pyramid and wishes to learn more. Doing research she recognizes an image of a woman. Neri, Jason, and Brett go inside the pyramid that Neri opened. Neri activates a hologram of the woman who offers a quest to Neri and she accepts. Neri activates a portal sending her and the boys to an Egyptian pyramid. (4x02)
  51. Neri, Jason and Brett meet Shersheba and Malakat. They also have a first encounter with PRAXIS. (4x03)
  52. Neri saves a Bedouin girl from drowning in a well earning the tribe as friends who hide them from PRAXIS. They tell them stories from their people of one of their own being taken many years ago by people who live like fish. The tribe helps them back to the Pyramid of Mystery. Neri recovers the Golden Ankh and activates the portal again. (4x04)
  53. Neri, Jason, and Brett meet Jakamarra, a native of the outback near the Cave of Light. Jakamarra recognizes Neri as a "whale woman" and helps them escape with Paul Bates from the clutches of PRAXIS. Neri entrusts the protection of the Golden Ankh to Jakamarra. (4x05)
  54. Neri goes back to the underwater pyramid for guidance and learns the woman in the hologram is her mother, Shalamorn. Neri does not understand why Jason fights with his father. Jason comforts Neri when she tells him about Shalamorn. (4x06)
  55. PRAXIS kidnaps Neri at Paul's farm where Neri, Jason, and Brett are hiding by bugging Jason's watch. Charley helps Neri escape. Neri returns to the pyramid with Jason and Brett and learns from Shalamorn about the planned peaceful migration of her people to Earth. She also learns that Shalamorn is Queen and that she is a Princess and "the chosen one". (4x07)
  56. Neri and Jason learn that Shersheba and Malakat are from Neri's home planet. (4x08)
  57. Neri and Jason return to the underwater pyramid and learn from Shalamorn a rebel group that opposed the planned peaceful migration. Malakat and Shersheba use the full moon to penetrate the pyramid and tell Neri the plan to melt the polar ice caps. Malakat admits he was the one who caused her father's ship to crash. Jason protects Neri from being hit with a blaster and they escape through the portal. (4x09)
  58. Jakamarra tells Neri and Jason the tale of the Whale Woman who had a special rock that could turn night into day and who one day flew away, picked up by a great bird like an eaglehawk. PRAXIS closes in on the group as they get the Golden Ankh from its hiding place. Neri gets captured and begs Jason to leave with the ankh. (4x10)
  59. PRAXIS experiment on Neri. Elly Hauser tries to help Neri but it is not enough. Neri grows very ill without enough water and sunlight. (4x11)
  60. PRAXIS uses an experimental treatment on Neri called Clonozites, a last-ditch effort as she is dying. Jason and Brett fail to recover the ankh from Shersheba and Malakat. The Bates flood PRAXIS to recover Neri, and Hauser hands her over to Jason and Brett. (4x12)
  61. Neri's condition does not improve and she dies while Jason holds her hand. The boys bring her to the pyramid to say goodbye. Jason tells Neri "I love you, Neri. Always." Malakat and Shersheba interrupt with a prepared ankh and activate it. Jason places Neri's hand on the sacred stone before Shersheba. The pyramid brings Neri back to life. The pyramid sinks below the ocean floor after Shersheba destroys the ankh in anger. (4x13)
  62. Neri uses a special flower the save Winston's life from a snake bite. (4x14)
  63. Neri can communicate with the spirit of a girl who died in a fire long ago. Neri learns how to ride a horse. Neri helps a mare give birth. (4x15)
  64. Neri can sense something is very wrong with Mera and the ocean planet. Neri senses the pyramid returning. (4x16)
  65. Neri, Jason, and Brett save Mera from Malakat's people when her ship lands in the ocean. Mera has a new ankh for Neri to use. Mera tells them of the Red Virus on the Ocean Planet and the rebellion's plans for Earth. Neri does reconnaissance, watching Malakat's commandos take over the pyramid. (4x17)
  66. Mera notices that things between Neri and Jason are different, and she teases Neri about it. (4x18)
  67. With PRAXIS aware of the pyramid Neri feels defeated that Malakat's people and humans will begin fighting each other. (4x19)
  68. Neri and Jason meet with Malakat to negotiate, Malakat tells them he had a hand in Shalamorn's ship exploding. Mera gets kidnapped by Shersheba leaving Neri with a difficult decision. (4x20)
  69. Shersheba releases the Red Virus right near Charley. Charley calls out to Neri but Jason stops her from going out and swimming into the virus herself. (4x21)
  70. Neri and Mera can communicate using the heart of the pyramid to amplify their telepathy. Neri can no longer hear Charley. Neri decides to bargain with Malakat and Shersheba to use the ankh in the pyramid the stop the virus on the ground that Malakat and his people leave the pyramid. (4x22)
  71. Malakat and Shersheba double-cross Neri and gain power over the pyramid with the ankh. Charley returns to Neri's island shores healthy again. (4x23)
  72. Neri and Mera can feel Malakat using the pyramid for bad. Mera calls Jason out on his feelings for Neri when he spends the night on the island. Goes to the pyramid to demand that Malakat stop the virus with the pyramid, something he cannot do and Shersheba prevents Malakat's commandos from killing her. (4x24)
  73. Neri and Jason come up with a sound theory that Charley is the key to curing the virus. Neri learns from Ilona that Shersheba has taken the cure away from Malakat and taken it back to Ocean Planet. Neri believes that to stop Malakat she must destroy the pyramid with herself inside. (4x25)
  74. Neri and Jason use the Cave of Light portal to get inside the Pyramid of Power. Jason will not let her go alone, he is prepared to die with her. Neri and Jason begin to depress that self-destruct to stop Malakat from using the pyramid to destroy ORCA when Shersheba, Mera, Ilona, and Queen Shalamorn arrive. Neri learns Malakat held Shalamorn in stasis against her will. Neri is crowned as the First Born Princess of the Royal House and Heir Apparent to the Throne of the Ancient Ones. Neri will stay on Earth to help bring the people of both planets together. Neri and Jason in their happiness share a kiss of true love (4x26).