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The Oceanic Research Centre of Australia, simply known as Orca, is an underwater research facility.

The Orca station is used for extensive underwater research of marine life and the local ecosystems. Orca is located in a prime location to study the Great Barrier Reef. Orca is also equipped; with several research boats that; can be sent out to collect data. A mini-fin submarine is also eventually a water craft available for researching underwater for those; with proper clearance and piloting license.

Orca is family friendly and several of the Orca officers have their children on board the station. Orca provides schooling to the children of the Orca officers. Many of the children have the opportunity to also learn hands on skills, often helping Orca officers in research and maintenance.

Orca is run in a Naval type structure with a chief commander and officers under their command. Most officers have assigned functions; depending on area of expertise. There are also crew in place for the station's needs to be a self sufficient living community.

Orca is where Jason and Brett Bates live; with their mother.