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Ocean Planet

The Planet of the Oceans is a planet from a separate solar system. The planet orbits a binary star system. The Planet of the Oceans is Neri and Mera's home world.


The Planet of the Oceans is aptly named, most of the surface of the planet is water. A lot of the land is sandy. The oceans of the planet provide the inhabitants with ample food in the source of fish. There are also areas of dry land capable of being cultivated.


The people of the Planet of the Oceans are reliant upon water. They must have an ample supply of fresh water to drink and need to wet down with water often or they experience dehydration much quicker and more severely than humans. They also require fresh air and sunlight. For this reason the Ocean People have a respect for the oceans and their preservation.

The Ocean People have a matriarchal society. They are ruled by a Queen. The crown is passed from mother to daughter of the family of the royal blood. The females in the royal family are blessed with The Gift, an ability that aids them in keeping harmony and balance. The current Queen is Shalamorn and her eldest daughter Neri is the heir apparent to the throne. Queen Shalamorn's younger daughter Mera is third in line.

The Ocean People build pyramids as structures for living as well as for bases for ruling and for government business. They can also be used to create travel portals and to launch spaceships. The people also build encampments near water. This allows for easy access to the water and to fresh air and sunlight.