The Synchronium was a device created by the Planet of the Oceans to repair damage to planets, both environmental and tectonic.

Operation of the Synchronium Device

What happened when the device was activated depended upon the motivations of the person controlling it.
If the operator had only good intentions, then it performed it's purpose as intended, to repair damage done to the oceans and the seabed.
If the operator of the device had intentions that are not good then the results would be disastrous. Instead of healing the planet the device would cause destruction.

The Synchronium Device was designed to be controlled by someone with The Gift.

Synchronium Mission to Opal Planet

The device was originally launched to Earth, or as the people from the Planet of the Oceans call it the Opal Planet, in 9 separate pieces. The mission was to locate and reassemble the Synchronum device then use it to heal the Earth's oceans. The ship carrying the crew to carry out the mission had a special locator device on board. But as the device was badly damaged during the crash, the pieces had to be located by following information from witnesses who saw the pieces fall from the sky. The Mission was given to Neri's father, Neri and a handful of crew.

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