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Winston Seth

Winston Seth (Alex Pinder) is an India born physicist and marine biologist and a graduate of Sydney University, Oxford and M.I.T. in America. His profession lead him to be posted aboard Orca to work with Dianne Bates.

Character Overview[]

Discovery of Neri[]

Winston is Dianne's eccentric offsider. Professionally pragmatic, but personally quirky, he likes to quote inscrutable and wise oriental sayings; which he sometimes; makes up on the spot to suit the occasion. His view of the world has room for both Eastern mysticism and Western science, and he is often the one with the insight to propose possibilities others would reject as irrational. Professionally brilliant beyond his years. Although a quiet achiever, one area where he is not shy is in his working environment, and he will often flummox Dianne with his lightning fast and usually accurate appraisal of a situation. His gentle, bi-partisan nature makes him a favourite cohort for the children on board ORCA. Winston doesn't swim - he sinks.

Finding Mera[]

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ORCA City[]

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The Pyramids[]

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